Dear human being,

Everything we did up until this point has led us here. Every feeling, every thought-pattern, every intention, every journey, every manifestation, takes us on the way Home.
Home is your heart center, the ultimate purpose, being in service, bringing healing and keeping humans like you in a constant flow state of synchronicities and miracles.
Home is also – Life Appreciation Center – a place we are starting to manifest today, through this intention page. Life Appreciation Center because appreciating everything leads to the Samadhi state, another home for all of us.
Thank you for being here. We appreciate you. And we feel that being in service and appreciating everything there is, is the ultimate purpose of finding your way home. Our journey will lead us home, step by step:

Legal structure

We are looking to create an NGO and establish the board members and founders. If this project is appealing to you and you feel that we should collaborate, email me at

March 2018

Land scouting

We have seen this place in our visions. We just need to recognize it in 3D. We are scouting for the perfect piece of land 5-10ha, forests, (hot) springs, rivers – just to make sure we have all the elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. We have ongoing discussions with some landowners but no map or satellite view can match waking barefoot on the land that awaits us.

March & April 2018

Drafting the plans & requirements

We know the needs for organizing retreats and occasional events. But we’re not creating a weekend home. We’re building a full schedule retreat center. Consulting with architects and construction engineers to get their view and start building the plans.

May-June 2018

Buying land and paperwork

Finding the land will bring also the means of turning our project into reality. Whether it’s renting for a long period of time, buying or creating a joint-venture with the land-owner. And paperwork is significant is the land is not construction ready. But temporary constructions like yurts will always work.

July-September 2018

Construction materials fundraiser

Based on what we will find. Maybe some old construction that can be re-purposed. Maybe zero construction. We can start with yurts and move on to more permanent construction as the project grows. Identify the best way to build big and small yurts, heating and other amenities.

To be updated

The timeline will become more clear as we make progress. We are determined to make this our life’s goal and the center will see the light in the shortest time possible.

Samadhi is realized directly through pure forms of healing work, deep meditation,  self-inquiry, as well as working with and merging with the inner world and inner energy.

Make a Donation to help Samadhi seeds sprout

We have ambitious goals and we are determined to alchemize the fabric of reality in such a way that our project grows and starts serving in the shortest time possible.
The first step is to create the legal structure of an NGO and identify the land needed for construction of – Life Appreciation Center.
Any amount you can contribute in this energy exchange is extremely valuable to us.